MrGrey's - First Time:

I squeeze your backside. I hold you against my hips, and you feel my erection, which I languidly push into you. I run my tongue around your navel, then gently nip my way up to your hipbone, then across your belly to your other hipbone. I run my thumbnail up your instep. It's almost painful, you feel the movement echoed in your groin. You gasp and moan. Your in your bra and panties on the bed. You're very beautiful, baby. I can't wait to be inside you. I free your breasts from their cups. They fit my hand perfectly. Your breasts swell, and your nipples harden under my gaze. You groan, your legs stiffen. My mouth on your nipples, you fall apart, your body convulses and shatters into a thousand pieces. You're so deliciously wet. God, I want you. I thrust my finger inside you, and you cry out. I palm your clitoris and you cry out again. I hover over you, staring into your eyes. I'm going to fuck you hard, baby. I slam into you. You feel so full with me inside you. I ease myself in and out of you. A sheen of sweat gathers over you. You climax into a million pieces underneath me. I thrust and come.